Agro-industrial town

Agro-industrial town in Latin America.

Agro-industrial town is a settlement with amenities, industrial and social infrastructure that will meet the residents’ needs. The town area is 7821 ha, which comprises 500 houses with garden plots and an administrative and public area.

Agricultural town comprises modern facilities for production and processing of agricultural products which will provide jobs for all groups of society. A considerable part of lands was recultivated and a water reservoir was created for irrigation purposes.

JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” project responsibilities:

• design;
• constriction;
• supply and installation of equipment;
• staff training;
• provision of utility networks (electric, water and drainage systems).

Total area: 
7821 ha.

Farmland area:
3725 ha.

Housing and industrial area:
200 ha.

Project facilities and agro-engineering measures:
• a village of 500 houses with garden plots and an administrative and public area;
• general and on-site utilities and facilities;
• agricultural facilities for production and processing of agricultural products, milk and meat;
• recultivation of 3725 ha of soil, irrigation and creation of a water reservoir.

Social facilities:
• reserve power plant;
• school;
• preschool facilities;
• play grounds and sports grounds;
• ambulance clinic;
• fire station;
• stores;
• water treatment plant, water treatment facilities;
• solid waste storage area etc.

Agricultural facilities of agro-industrial town:

Broiler chicken slaughterhouse and poultry meat processing plant

Capacity: 6000 t of processed live weight per year.
Total site area: 6 ha.

Commercial dairy farm
Capacity: 6171 t of milk and 330 cattle heads for slaughter per year
Total site area: 13.2 ha
The farm provides for a closed cycle of cattle breeding and contains a feeding area for young livestock.

Milk processing factory
Capacity: 20 t per working shift.
Total site area: 1.5 ha.

Mixed fodder production plant
Capacity: 10 t of mixed fodder per hour.
Total site area: 0.6 ha.
The plant produces various mixed fodder formulations for cattle and birds, using grain and non-grain material.

Complex for cleaning, drying, processing and storage of grain
Capacity: 100 t per year and grain storage capacity 18 000 t per year
Total site area: 2 ha

Engine yard
Total site area: 5.9 ha.
Capacity: 50 units of machinery.
Engine yard includes machinery maintenance, repair, storage, cleaning and washing departments, as well as fuel and lubricants storage and spare parts storage.

Broiler chicken factory
Capacity: 2.5 million chickens per year.
Total site area: 25 ha.

Mineral fertilizer storage
Capacity: 2000 t of fertilizers, 80 t of pesticides and 80 t of seeds. 
Total site area: 1.5 ha.