Plant for production of construction materials

Plant for production of construction materials in Latin America.

JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” project responsibilities:
• geological surveys at the construction site, scientific and technical investigation of clay deposits and preparatory works;
• design works for the plant and infrastructure;
• selection and supply of equipment and vehicles;
• transfer of technology;
• providing technical regulations for the equipment;
• commissioning of the plant;
• training and professional education of local workers and employees;
• maintenance and consulting services after the turnkey commissioning of the plant.

Capacity: 25 million ceramic blocks per year.

After commissioning of the second line for production of tabelons (ceramic slabs for ceilings) the plant capacity will be increased by 40% and will reach 40 million blocks per year. 

Total area: 9.8 ha

Buildings and structures in the premises of the plant for production of construction materials:
• gatehouse with security room;
• raw materials storage facility;
• raw materials preparation area;
• ceramic blocks production area;
• tabelons production area;
• administrative building;
• vehicle repairing shop;
• parking lots;
• materials storage facilities;
• finished products storage area;
• generator for autonomous power supply;
• recreation and sports area.