Photovoltaic station with power of 109 MW for commercial production and delivery of electric energy to public electrical networks

Property location:
About 300 km east of Minsk, between the regional centers of Cherikov and Krichev, near the village of Blizhniaya Rechitsa.

Solar Land LLC.

the Irish company Cameliaside Limited is a subsidiary of the companies United Green and Altostarta. United Green Group is a company specializing in venture capital investments in renewable energy. United Green Group provides a wide range of services in the electric power industry: electricity purchases, construction of power plants, energy project management, etc.

The area of the solar park: 
220 hectares.

The total installed capacity of the electrical installation of the photovoltaic station:
109 MW AC and 130 MW DC.

Estimated annual volume of electricity generation:
137.79 thousand MW * hour.

Annual electricity consumption for own needs:
0.7 thousand MW * hour (~ 0.7% of the annual volume of electricity generation).

The composition of the object:
the site on which the solar park will be located already has all the necessary network infrastructure which includes the substation Rechitsa 20/110 kV and three 110 kV overhead lines with a total length of 12 km which connect the Photovoltaic station with the substation 330/110/10 kV Krichev-330.

Solar energy in Belarus

According to the state program “Energy Saving”, it is planned to produce in the country not less than 250 MW by means of solar power plants by the year of 2020.

The annual electricity production of Cherikov photovoltaic station will be 133 thousand MW * hour.
As a comparison, the world’s largest photovoltaic station Topaz Solar Farm (California, USA) has a power of 550 MW.

Significance of the project on a national and regional scale:

— development of environmentally friendly solar energy in the Republic of Belarus;
— diversification of electricity sources;
— saving of foreign currency resources of the Republic of Belarus by reducing the import of oil and gas;
— reduction of operating and transportation costs by providing electricity to nearby communities;
— development of the infrastructure of the regional network of RUE “Mogilevenergo”;
— extension of the international experience in the implementation of similar projects in Europe to the territory of Belarus in general and Mogilev region in particular.