Plant for production of Belarus tractors

Plant for production of Belarus tractors in Latin America.

General contractor, general designer:
JSV “Belzarubezhstroy”.

Design and construction stage, year of commissioning:
design and turnkey construction 2010-2012 (18 months);
commencement certificate: 13.12.2010;
provisional acceptance certificate: 16.05.2012.

Construction period:
December 2010 – May 2012.

Objectives of the plant:
• to meet the local market demands and reduce import dependence;
• to provide jobs for the local population within the unemployment reduction program;
• to introduce Belarusian technologies;
• to expand export of the Belarusian vehicles and tractors, as well as tractor and vehicle parts to Latin American market.

Capacity: 10 000 tractors per year with double-shift operation of the plant.

Total area:
8 ha.

Plot area: 71 604 m2.

Building footprint area: 8031 m2.

Total building area: 8281 m2.

Buildings and structures in the premises of the Belarus tractor plant:
• production building;
• administrative building;
• first-aid post;
• gatehouse;
• pump station;
• water tank;
• loading and off-loading ramp;
• fuel and lubricants storage and filling area.

The plant produces 3 models of Belarus tractors which have the capacity of 57, 89 and 130 h.p.