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Summing up 2019: performance results of Belarusian divisions of JSV Belzarubezhstroy

What were the highlights of 2019 of Belarusian divisions of JSV Belzarubezhstroy? Short review of the production performance of the company’s several business units in 2019

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“Manager of the Year — 2019. National Business Elite” Awards were given in Minsk. Belzarubezhstroy is one of the winners

360 nominees participated in the contest, among them were managers of companies and banks that are well-known within the country and abroad

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BZS Plus+: a new cement particle board for the European Union was developed and certified in Krichev.

A new cement-bonded particle board was developed and certified for the construction market of the EU countries at JLLC CSP BZS plant, Krichev.

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JLLC CSP BZS is the winner of “Best Construction Product of the Year 2019” award

Krichev cement-particle board plant has added another award to its collection.

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Consortium Belzarubezhstroy – Enerstena demonstrated successful implementation of an international bioenergy project. Report from the opening ceremony of the mini-CHP in Kalinkovichi

An international consortium consisting of two companies — JSV Belzarubezhstroy (Belarus) and JSC Enerstena (Lithuania) — demonstrated successful implementation of the joint bioenergy project “Use of wood biomass for centralized heat supply in the regional center of Kalinkovichi, Gomel Region”

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