Belzarubezhstroy displayed the product of JLLC CSP BZS at the International Construction Exhibition BUDPRAGRES-2017


05.09.2017, Minsk. Text: press service, photo: Andrey Smirnov, Galina Kulakova.


The 25th annual specialized International Exhibition BUDPRAGRES-2017 began today. JSV Belzarubezhstroy displayed the product manufactured by its plant JLLC CSP BZS located in Krichev. This is our photo-report about the event.

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Exhibition opening ceremony: welcome speech by the Minister of Architecture and Construction Anatoly Cherny

Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Kalinin wished the participants of BUDPRAGRES-2017 a successful and effective work.

The 25th specialized International Exhibition BUDPRAGRES-2017 is officially opened.

The exhibition booth of JSV Belzarubezhstroy / JLLC CSP BZS can be found with the help of the general layout (to the left of the main entrance)

There are five consultants at the JSV Belzarubezhstroy / JLLC CSP BZS booth who can provide a competent advice on the products, as well as …

… catalogues, promotional brochures and product samples

There are also models displaying the applications of cement-bonded particle board, particularly, as part of stay-in-place formwork system etc.


A sample of “Arbolit” wood concrete block. Know how of the Head of the Technological Department Anatoli Primako. The new product will be produced at JLLC CSP BZS plant after completion of the certification process.

Head of the Technological Department of JSV Belzarubezhstroy Anatoli Primako.

Deputy Marketing Director of JLLC CSP BZS Yauheni Vasilevich is taking the call from a foreign customer. Yauheni told us that “about 90 percent of the product is sold to 15 neighboring countries and beyond, including Germany, UK, Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia etc.”

Maryia Kazlova: starting off in a good mood!

The exhibition will be opened till Friday, September 8. Don’t miss the chance to see the JSV Belzarubezhstroy / JLLC CSP BZS booth!

200 companies from 8 countries take part in the exhibition. There are a lot of useful and interesting products! (booth of Rechitsa hardware plant). Venue: Minsk, Pobediteley ave., 20/2, Football Arena.

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