BZS Plus+: a new cement particle board for the European Union was developed and certified in Krichev.

A new cement-bonded particle board was developed and certified for the construction market of the EU countries at JLLC CSP BZS plant, Krichev. The board bears a brand name of BZS Plus+. This was reported to the press service by the plant’s chief technologist Irina Kuzmina:

“The European construction materials market is constantly evolving and raising its requirements to the quality and consumer properties of the materials. Based on this, we developed and produced a new cement-bonded particle board. It was named BZS Plus+.

The new cement-bonded particle board is distinguished from the previous ones by its improved fire resistance properties, due to which the board is classified as A2 non-combustible material. It should be noted that similar products have 7 quality classes in the European Union. The highest are A1 and A2.

Our cement-bonded particle board BZS Plus+ has been tested at EU institutes and certified for further use in the EU countries”. This is confirmed by the Certificate of Constancy of Performance 1020-CRP-070056212 issued by the Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague (TZUS Praha).


JLLC CSP BZS produces three types of cement-bonded particle boards: CSP-1, CSP-2 (for Belarus and CIS countries, produced since 2014) and BZS Plus (for EU countries, produced since 2015). Customers from nine European countries, among which are Austria, England, Germany, the Netherlands, and others, purchase the Krichev cement-particle boards. The new product under the brand name of BZS Plus+ went into mass production in September of this year.

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