Cement Particle Board Plant JLLC CSP BZS is the best industrial company in Krichev District of Mogilev Region


Krichev – Minsk. Text: Andrey Smirnov, photo: Krichev district newspaper “Krichevskaya Zhizn”


Krichev District Executive Committee announced the result of the annual contest among organizations, companies and certain occupational groups for the best achievement in social and economic development of Krichev District in 2019.

JLLC CSP BZS was announced the winner among the companies of the industrial sector.

According to Yury Larin, Director of the Company, “our team was awarded transferable red banner, along with a cash prize equivalent to 100 reference amounts. The award ceremony was held in the district community center”.

In the photo: award ceremony. Head of Krichev District Executive Committee Sergey Shatsky (left) is presenting the honorary certificate of the winner in the category “Best industrial company 2019” to the Director of Cement Particle Board Plant JLLC CSP BZS Yury Larin 

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For more information on Cement Particle Board Plant JLLC CSP BZS (Krichev) and its products please see: www.cspbzs.by

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