International research and practice conference COOPERATION AND INTEGRATION IN THE MULTIPOLAR WORLD: EXPERIENCE OF BELARUS AND LATIN AMERICA STATES (4 photos) took place in Minsk

Text: press service of JSV “Belzarubezhstroy”, photo: Andrei Smirnov

The Conference was held in the main building of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus. The initiator of this event is the Philosophy Institute. The facilitors and active participants are embassies of three republics: Cuba, Ecuador and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Along with representatives of the Philosophy Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and partner organizations there also were ambassadors and diplomats of four states: Brazil, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Palestine.

Igor Karpenko, vice chairman of Minsk City Executive Committee in his welcoming speech towards the participants informed that in 2014 commercial exchange between Belarus and nations of Latin America was 1 billion 250 million USD which is 18,7 % more comparing with 2013. The contribution of Minsk in this commercial exchange is more than 273 million: 82,5 million for export and 190,9 million for import.

Further vice chairman underlined perspectives and importance of the development of political and economic relations with Latin American countries. “The region with total population approaching 600 million people, the GDP exceeding 4,5 trillion USD, the foreign trade volume approximating 2 trillion USD takes on enormous importance in  the international economic affairs” , he noted. In 2013 the  total GDP growth in Latin America equaled 3,1%. The most significant development was noted in Paraguay (13%), Panama (7,5%),Bolivia (6,4 %), Ecuador (4,9%), Chile (4,7%) and Peru (4,4%).

Later on, the city hall official mentioned enterprises that have successful experience of work in Venezuela. Our company was also noted. “The result of the fruitful belarusian-venezuelan collaboration is the creation in Venezuela of representative offices of RUE “Belorusneft”, JSC “Belgorkhimprom”, JSV “Belzarubezhstroy”, joint enterprises for oil exploration “Petrolera BieloVenezolana”, seismic prospecting “Sísmica BieloVenezolana”, gasification “Venezuelagasstroy”, “MAZVen C.A.” y “VeneMinsk Tractores C.A.”

Within the framework of discussions and speeches during the conference there were presented twenty eight reports that will be included in the composite book which will be published this year.

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