JLLC CSP BZS is awarded an Honorary Diploma of the National Contest “Best Construction Product of the Year 2020”



  On September 24, 2020 an award ceremony took place in the conference hall of the Victoria Olimp business centre to honor the winners of the XVII National Professional Contest “Best Construction Product of the Year 2020”. Joint Limited Liability Company CSP BZS is among the winners (

The Honorary Diploma in the “Best Construction Product of the Year” category was given to the company’s product, cement-particle board, which is well known and recognized not only in our country, but in a number of foreign countries.

Диплом 2020.jpg

It is important to note that the results of the company's work have been recognized in the Contest for the second consecutive year: its award portfolio showcases the Honorary Diploma 2019 in a similar category.

Cement-particle board is a construction material with unique properties, used in the “dry installation” method. This material is ideal for wall paneling in low-rise buildings, special-purpose structures and wet areas. Cement-particle board surface does not require much treatment or finishing. The board physical and technical properties guarantee its durability and integrity, as well as building protection.

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