Over 40 publications in the local and foreign media dedicated to the opening of “CSP BZS” plant in Krichev

This article will give you the fullest account of one of the main events for the Belarusian construction industry – opening of “CSP BZS” plant.  The article is based on the publications in the local and foreign media: news agencies and portals, periodicals and TV channels.

23.10.2015, Krichev – Minsk, text and photo: Andrey Smirnov

“CSP BZS” is the first and the only cement-bonded particle board plant in Belarus

The list of guests of the opening ceremony was quite impressive: Minister of Architecture and Construction Anatoly Cherny, assistant to the President of the Republic of Belarus and Chief Inspector of the Mogilev Region Gennady Lavrenkov,  Chairman of Krichev District Executive Committee Vasily Sysoev, representatives of the embassies of Venezuela and Ecuador, a delegation from Austria headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of VST Building Technologies Mr. Michael Muller, representatives of BINOS GmbH – the German company that supplied the equipment and others.

“CSP BZS” opening ceremony in Krichev. On the photo (right to left): the Minister of Architecture and Construction of Belarus Anatoly Cherny, Director General of JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” Vitaly Bandarik, CEO of VST Building Technologies AG Siegfried Gassner, Assistant to the President of Belarus and Chief Inspector of Mogilev Region Gennady Lavrenkov

Before overviewing the media publications l would like to provide statistics indicative of the scale of the event and the interest to the plant: total number of publications (articles, photo and video reports) – over 40; total number of media (original materials and reprints) – 37, of which news agencies: 3; news portals – 8; print media – 3; TV channels – 5; web-sites of ministries and government authorities – 3; web-sites of executive authorities – 10; foreign media – 4; web-sites of construction companies and blogs – 2.

News agencies about the opening of “CSP BZS”

The first to react were these three news agencies: BelTA, Prime-TASS, Mogilevnews.by. The news was published online before the guests took their seats at the banquet tables.

In his interview to BelTA the Minister of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus Anatoly Cherny emphasized the significance of the plant for the construction industry and the country as a whole: “It is a really momentous event for the construction industry of the region and of Belarus… Now that we have our own cement-bonded particle boards, we will be able to considerably reduce the costs of residential building erection, boost the construction and increase the export of building materials”.

Opening address of the Minister of Architecture and Construction of Belarus Anatoly Cherny

Mogilev news agency Mogilevnews.by, in its turn, reported of the residential buildings which had been built in the regional center using VST technology:

“VST technology is very popular in Europe today, particularly for its quality and cost effectiveness. Several buildings, including residential buildings, have been erected using this technology in Mogilev as well – two rental houses on Altayskaya street and multistory apartment buildings in Kazimirovka residential area. Several buildings have been built using the same technology in Brest and Bobruisk. But the cement-bonded particle boards for these buildings were imported from abroad, mainly from Russia”.

Listed below are the links to the full versions of the articles and photo reports: 

BelTA article: http://www.belta.by/newscompany/

BelTA photo report: photobelta.by

Prime-TASS article: www.export.by

Mogilevnews.by article: Moguilevnews.by

Mogilevnews.by photo report: mogilevnews.by

“CSP BZS” plant was built in the premises of the former meat packing plant. The plant with its outdated equipment could not beat the competition and had to be closed. The plant facilities had been abandoned for several years before the investors came who were willing to restructure it.   Eventually the office and manufacturing facilities were reconstructed and renovated, and the imported equipment was installed” — Mogilevnews

News portals did not send their reporters, however they delivered an informed story of the opening of “CSP BZS”

The second in their prompt response to the event were 8 news portals (21.by, doingbusiness.by, infobaza.by and others), the most popular of which is TUT.BY. The portal did not send its correspondent, however it provided an informed story of the plant to its readers. And it has quite a few readers – about 1 mln. unique visitors a day. I would like to site a passage from the publication in BelTA news line:  
“The creation of this plant was motivated by the fast pace of residential, industrial and civil construction in Belarus, and the need for new ways of modernization of the construction industry, for cutting expenses.  Production facilities producing sandwich panels were created with the help of the Austrian company VST Building Technologies AG in Brest, Mogilev and Bobruisk. But until now we have been purchasing CBPB for the panels from abroad. After this plant is put into operation, we will solve the problem of providing the new building material for the domestic market.  Besides, we are planning to export more than 25% of CBPB both to the CIS countries and to the European Union”.

“CSP BZS” JLLC was established for this investment project by JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” (85% investment) and VST Building Technologies AG (15% investment) – Prime-TASS

“The investment project was financed by own funds and foreign investments. There will be 200 jobs when the plant reaches its full production capacity (60,000 cub. m per year). According to the perspective development plan, the production capacity is to be increased to 100,000 cub. m per year. CBPB plant construction is the first step of Belarusian-Austrian integrated program; the second step will be construction of VST permanent shuttering manufacturing facility” - BelTA.

Timber for the production of CBPB will be taken from the Belarusian forestry, cement will be supplied by Krichev cement plant, aluminum sulphate and water glass will be supplied by the Belarusian manufacturers.  –  Prime-TASS   

The product will be produced for the domestic market (75%) and for export (25%). The first batches of products have been sent to Brest and to Austria –  Prime-TASS

Printed media: “Fall in line!”, “Under the flag of the Republic of Belarus” and “New plant in Krichev expands the horizons of Belarusian construction sector” 

Journalists did a good job covering the event and did not hesitate to create bombastic article headings, typical for the state media. “Sovietskaya Belarus/Belarus Today” staff even used military rhetoric in the article “Fall in line!” http://www.sb.by/obshchestvo/article/stat-v-stroy-111.html .

Anyway, printed media articles point out the right course of JSV “Belzarubezhstroy”. Here is the extract from “National construction newspaper”:
“Opening of a new CBPB manufacturing plant in Krichev is a momentous event for our country: from this day forth brand-new production has been started in Belarus. Commissioning of such plant demonstrates the progress in the national industry of construction materials and indicates that the President’s assignment to attract investments and develop export-oriented and import substituting manufacturing has been fulfilled successfully”. More: http://arcp.by/ru/article/novoe-proizvodstvo-v-kricheve-rasshiryaet-gorizonty-stroykompleksa-belarus...

I would like to point out a great job of the local newspaper “Krichevskaya zhizn”. There you can find a full photo report – 11 photos http://k-j.by/foto/2207-zao-belzarubezhstroy.html  and an article, worthy of publication in central media sources: http://k-j.by/novosti/2210-pod-flagom-respubliki-belarus.html

Pressing of Red button – the official start of “CSP BZS” plant 

Sites of ministries, departments and executive bodies

Articles on the opening of “CSP BZS” plant were published on the sites of 3 ministries and government authorities, and 10 sites of executive bodies, including  the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus http://www.mas.gov.by/ru/news_ru/view/novoe-proizvodstvo-v-kricheve-rasshirjaet-gorizonty-strojkompl... , National center for marketing and price study http://www.export.by/?act=news&mode=view&id=64465 , Mogilev regional executive committee http://mogilev-region.gov.by/news/proizvodstvo-po-vypusku-cementno-struzhechnyh-plit-otkryli-v-krich... , Vitebsk district executive committee http://www.vitebsk.vitebsk-region.gov.by/ru/belzarubezhstroy-otkryl-v-kricheve-proizvodstvo-po-vypus....

Here is another evidence of nationwide importance of the project:  “Cement-bonded particle board is a brand-new product for Belarus, though it is well-known abroad. For example, about a half of new houses in the Scandinavian countries are made of cement-bonded particle boards, as it is a fast and economic building method. There will be stay-in-place formwork production for monolithic construction in Krichev. As opposed to traditional technologies, concrete wall form is not dismantled after grouting: the material doesn’t need plastering and is ready for decorative finishing (painting, hanging wallpapers). The plant will also produce panels for interior and exterior finishing. The full capacity of the plant is 60,000 cub.m. of boards per year.…” (extract from the site of Mogilev regional executive committee with reference to “Sovietskaya Belarus”).

“CSP BZS” plant and its products attracted genuine interest of the foreign guests. Counselor of Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador in the Republic of Belarus Mr. Marcelo Arboleda (on the far left) is taking a photo of the products and assembly line… 

Interview of military attaché of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the Republic of Belarus Vice Admiral Augustin Uskategi Rivas to Belarusian TV channels

Foreign media about the opening of “CSP BZS” plant
Media coverage of the opening of “CSP BZS” plant is not limited to Belarus – the articles on the event were published in the internet resources in 4 countries: Venezuela, Russia, Ukraine and Ecuador. As an example, the article from the site of the Venezuelan Ministry of People’s Power for Defense:  http://www.mindefensa.gob.ve/agregaduria_bielorrusia/index.php/lista-de-noticias/239-inauguracion-de...

Television channels: better to be seen!

The news about the plant opening was reported by one Minsk TV channel and four local TV channels in Mogilev and Krichev. The main Belarusian TV channel Belarus-1 showed an interview with Siegfried Gassner, Anatoly Cherny, Vitaly Bandarik and Augustin Uskategi in a 3-minute story of a news broadcast “Panorama”. More:http://www.tvr.by/news/ekonomika/v_kricheve_zarabotalo_novoe_predpriyatie_po_proizvodstvu_tsementno_...

Interview of Director General of JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” Vitaly Bandarik to TV channel “Belarus-1”

Siegfried Gassner, CEO of investor company (Austria): “European investors often say: any time is good for investment. We will receive a hundred-fold return.  I am sure Belarus is heading in a right direction – people here are very diligent and hard-working. It was pleasant to work here”. 

Active links to other videos are listed below. It should be pointed out that the most complete version (over 11 minutes) was presented by “INFO. TV-COM KRICHEV”.

Plant workers and guests can once again experience all the fascinating moments, which have already become a part of corporate history of “CSP BZS” and JSV “Belzarubezhstroy”.

Television company “Mogilev”, 4-minute story, broadcast “Dnyami”, edition 79, 09.10.2015 http://www.tv.tvrmogilev.by/ru/viewers/video/2.html or http://www.tv.tvrmogilev.by/ru/viewers/video (from 3 min. 20 sec.)

 11-minute story “INFO. TV-COM KRICHEV” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfWpkW5QKuM

Our photo report (commemorative photos):

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