TV Channel Belarus 1 tells of two photovoltaic stations, one of them being built by JSV Belzarubezhstroy

Cherikov – Minsk. Text: Andrei Smirnov, photo: JSV Belzarubezhstroy, screenshots and video: TV Channel Belarus 1


TV Channel Belarus 1 showed a video dedicated to alternative renewable energy in the program The Main Air. Its name saves explanations — Solar energy as an alternative and progressive business. The special correspondent of the TV Channel Ksenia Lebedeva makes a point on the development perspectives of hydrogen, wind and nuclear energy in Belarus, paying special attention to solar power which means getting electric energy from photovoltaic stations (PV stations). With his in mind, the ENG crew visited two photovoltaic stations, one of them being built by JSV Belzarubezhstroy. 

TV journalist Ksenia Lebedeva: 

“Until May of 1986 there was a village called Komarovichi in this area (Cherikov district of Mogilev region — author's note). Then the people were resettled, and the land was withdrawn from agricultural use. Right now the biggest solar power plant in the Republic is being built in this place. It will generate about 109 MW * hour of electricity which will be enough to supply with electricity five districts of the republic.”  

Press service of JSV Belzarubezhstroy was informed by the Department of the energy facilities construction of the general contractor company: “As of today 80% of the installation works of photovoltaic modules array and DC systems have been completed, substations forming part of the power generation system of the photovoltaic station are 50% ready, the total percentage of the construction completion of the project is 70%.” 

Photo: photovoltaic modules array (south part)

Photo: photovoltaic modules array (north part)

Photo: substation of the power generation system

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