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Source: "Narodnaya Gazeta", issue No. 42 dd. 19.10.2018 (with photos provided by JSV "Belzarubezhstroy")


JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” is one of the leading Belarusian exporters of construction and engineering services. During the last 10 years the company has completed numerous successful projects in Belarus, Russia, Latin America, and Middle East. These projects involved design and construction of civil, industrial, agricultural and even energy facilities. 

“Many years of business cooperation with companies in various countries and a team of highly qualified engineers, architects, design engineers and administrative staff guarantee the high quality of the works in each business area,” says Vital Bandaryk, General Director of the company. “We have a team of professionals for all stages of construction project. The company’s competence has been proved by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates, issued by TÜV Thüringen e.V., German certification body for systems and personnel. “Belzarubezhstroy” takes the responsibility for the whole process, starting from signing of the memorandum and preparation of estimates to turnkey handover and signing of the project completion and acceptance certificate.” 

JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” started as an export-oriented company, rendering construction and engineering services. For this reason, right after its establishment in 2007, the company responded to the offer of the Ministry of Housing and Habitat of Venezuela to build 2520 apartments with utility and social infrastructure in Guasimal sector, Maracay City, Aragua State. Design works and turnkey construction started in 2008 and ended in 2012. 72 five-storey residential buildings, kindergartens, school, parish center and three ambulatories now occupy 30 ha of territory. 


The Belarusian company also built 4448 apartments at Libertador Base in Palo Negro, Aragua State.


“Our aim was to improve the quality of life and satisfy the socially important needs of the population for housing, employment, social, utility and transport infrastructure, means of communication, security and law enforcement. The site with a total area of 52 ha was used for construction of 112 fully finished five-storey buildings. Residential buildings were provided with social infrastructure: kindergartens, schools, shopping center, parish center, ambulatory, police and fire stations, playground, bridge, parks and green areas, roads, parking areas.” 

Another housing project includes design and construction of 10 000 apartments, utilities and infrastructure in Fuerte Tiuna, Miranda State. As for today, 12 ten-storey and 4 sixteen-storey buildings have been commissioned. The construction is still in progress. It should be particularly mentioned that these residential buildings were built with the use of construction materials — ceramic blocks, in particular — made at the local plant, commissioned by JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” in 2012. 


The company is planning to continue the project for construction of agro-industrial town in Fundo La Roana area, Guarico State. This agro-industrial town is a settlement with amenities, industrial and social infrastructure, which comprises 500 houses and modern facilities for production and processing of agricultural products.     


Other projects, implemented by “Belzarubezhstroy” in Venezuela, include plants for production of MAZ trucks, Belarus tractors and road building equipment.

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While implementing large-scale projects abroad, the company has offered an innovative technology of stay-in-place formwork to the Belarusian market. The technology allows building energy-efficient houses with perfectly smooth walls. Implementation of this technology became possible due to close cooperation with VST BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES AG (Austria). The new stay-in-place formwork technology has been already used in construction of 7 houses (the 8th is in progress) in Kazimirovka district, Mogilev City. “Belzarubezhstroy” is currently looking for a site, suited for similar project in the Belarusian capital.

One of the components of stay-in-place formwork — cement-bonded particle board — was not produced in Belarus, which is why JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” has built a plant for production of cement-bonded particle boards using the technology of BINOS GmbH (Germany). This new plant in Krichev provides self-sufficiency in production of stay-in-place formwork and complies with the strategy of imports phase-out.


Modern housing construction needs new approaches and solutions more than ever. Europe, for example, can be characterized by a city block urban planning, which means decentralization and concentration of all facilities necessary for life, work and recreation, near the residential house or in it. In such a manner, comfortable landscaped territory becomes not the end, but the extension of the apartment space. It means that life can go at the local level. “Belzarubezhstroy” shows a special interest in such projects.

The most significant projects, designed by JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” in Minsk, include sports and recreation center on Voropayevskaya Street, OMA Hypermarket on Vaneeva Street, medical center on Skoriny Street. In Brest — Novoe Zrenie medical center. In Astana (Kazakhstan) — Embassy of the Republic of Belarus.

A turnkey project for administrative and retail center on Kirova Street in Minsk, commissioned in 2014, deserves a special mention. According to the general contractor, this new building, constructed at the place where Dinamo stadium ticket offices once stood, harmoniously fits in the environment, created in war and post-war period. And yet it is absolutely modern. The construction materials used in this project are unusual. Structural glazing should remind of maple and chestnut crowns, harmonizing with nearby trees and shrubs. No wonder this administrative center was awarded a diploma of the International Union of Architects.


Not far from this building, at the intersection of Sverdlova and Ulyanovskaya Street, another unusual design project of JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” is being implemented — Centropol multipurpose complex. Its design inherited the idea of the center on Kirova Street: combination of the architecture of the future and the past. The multilevel building will be decorated with pylons (vertical two-plane elements). 

“The exterior of the city is as important, as its functionality. We pay a lot of attention to it. We always try to understand, what is important for the client, in order to offer the solution, which is convenient in terms of price and functionality — not only for the time being, but for years to come. This is why our divisions provide a full range of design and construction works and implement projects of all kinds. There is no such thing as an impossible task,” concludes Vital Bandaryk.

Our awards

JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” is a winner of numerous awards: diploma of the laureate of the government prize of the Republic of Belarus in the field of quality, winner’s diploma “The Best Achievement in the Construction Industry of the Republic of Belarus” in the categories “Exporter of the year” and “Best construction project of the year”, diploma of the CIS Award contest, diploma of the laureate of the Polish contest “Modernization of the year”, honorary diplomas of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction. JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” was awarded in 4 categories in the anniversary contest “Best Construction Product of 2018.”


Photo by Aleksei STOLYAROV.   

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